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E1M1 Song

The most famous doom song of them all. This high tempo, fast-paced song features some amazing electric guitar work and helped define doom 1 map 01's atmosphere.

Bobby Prince, musician and composer of all the Doom music had this to say about E1m1's music:

The id Software development team originally wanted me to do nothing but metal songs for DOOM. I did not think that this type of music would be appropriate throughout the game, but I roughed out several original songs and also created MIDI sequences of some cover material. This was before any level design and was before most of the artwork had been created. As the game came together, the guys at id saw that this type of music was not appropriate for many of the levels in DOOM. Thinking that this would be the case, I had also roughed out a lot of ambient moody background music, much of which ended up in the game. This song was one of the first of its type that I wrote. I heard it as being on a level that went by real fast. As it turns out, John Romero (who placed all of the songs on the levels) decided it was a perfect song for the first level."

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