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E3M3 Song

This song is titled "Deep Into The Code" and was used in "Pandemonium".. a interconnected, claustrophobic level full of twisted hallways and demonic, fleshy looking rooms!

Bobby Prince, musician and composer of all the Doom music had this to say about E3M3's music:

If everyone at id Software worked as long and hard as John Carmack, id Software would be absolutely untouchable by any competition. Everyone else at id Software would answer this by saying that they have a life outside of developing games! John would answer that he does too, but he'd rather be programming all of the time :)The reason I bring this up is that while I was at id during the development of DOOM, I stayed in the office many, many hours myself (after all, that's where all of my transplanted music toys were located). As a result of long hours at the office, John and I were often there at the same wee hours of the night. John would only leave his office to nab a coke or run to the mens' room -- that is except when he had something special programmed and wanted someone to see it. Those kinds of things happen a lot around John, too. He is always coming up with some cool addition to his engines.Many times in those wee hours, I would come to a point where I couldn't make positive progress toward completing a song or a sound effect. I would go out into the then main room where a pool table sat and just roll the balls around the table. I could look into John's office and he would be sitting there in a world of his own, oblivious to anything else going on. When I worked on this song, I took a break at the pool table and saw John working away. That's when the name of this song hit me."

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