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Map09 Song

This song is featured in Map09, "The Pit", of Doom2 and is entitled "Into Sandy's City".

Bobby Prince, musician and composer of all the Doom music had this to say about Map09's music:

When I was composing the songs for DOOM, I did not get to see any finished levels. In the case of DOOM II, there were some levels that changed very little from the very early days of development. One of these was what I called "Sandy's City" because it was a level designed by Sandy Peterson. Everyone loved playing that level and I decided that I had to write a song that sounded sorta "city-like." This song was the result. Originally I had a piano playing the part that the harpsichord is playing but no one at id liked the idea of a piano in any of the music. As a joke, I changed the patch to the harpsichord. I expected everyone to voice opposition, but everyone seemed to like it -- so, I left it in!Sandy's City level made it into DOOM II, but there were several changes (made to raise the frame rate, I think). To me, the changes made the level less fun to play (but it's still a great level, especially for deathmatch)."

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