Private CS Servers

How to Rent a Private Counter-Strike Server

Renting a private counter-strike server is probably the easiest decision you can make. Every counter-strike team needs a private CS server so they can have practices, host matches, and play with an optimal ping (i.e. home field advantage). Private CS servers are cheap and affordable and is the first thing you should invest in for your Counter-Strike team. Also, since you don't have to count on CS players adding your private CS server as a "favorite", you don't have to be overly selective on who you choose to be your Counter-Strike server host. If the CS server host you select doesn't make you happy, just switch to a new one and tell your teammates the new server IP Address, no harm done!

Private CS Server Slots

The pricing of your Private counter-strike servers will likely be based on how many slots you need (i.e. how many players can play on the server at once). Thankfully they tend to price "private cs server slots" much lower than public ones. The reasoning behind this is because there is a general expectation that a private counter-strike server will be used more rarely than a public 24/7 CS server. The counter-strike server host will also force you to keep a password on your private server at all times to keep the public locked out. These cost savings allow you to make an easier decision on whether or not you're "ready" to buy a private counter-strike server -- you are, and your team needs one to succeed. The number of slots you'll need depends on the size of your team, and the leagues you play in. 5v5 is a common standard for matches, so you'll need at least 10 slots, then add 2 more for spectators/referees and get a 12-man server. You may also want to add 1 or 2 additional slots in the case where someone will get disconnected and try to reconnect before their old entity has entirly dropped, preventing them from getting back in the game. Of course if you play in larger leagues, or have a big CS team you may want a much larger server for practicing and playing CS scrimmages on.

Private CS Server Hosts

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