FP! Welcome to the best FPS-guide on the net

This is the first post on and will hopefully be a historic one. That’s right people. If you’re reading this now, you’re one of the first players to visit this blog to find new ways to gain an edge over your competition. At the moment this blog will be specific to Counter-Strike Source.

You’re probably asking yourself “Why would Kaizen give out this info for free on a daily basis?”

Well the answer is simple really; it’s my first blog, and I felt like writing about something I consider myself knowledgeable in. I could delve now into the specifics of my gaming career, and whatnot, but rather than making this post annoyingly long (and you could just check the bio’s in the about us section), I will simplify. I am a very experienced (14 years playing FPS's competitively), very skilled player in First Person Shooters. My name Kaizen means to continually improve to a level of perfection, which is what I strive for.

This site is titled "FPSGOD", with hopes that the community will come together and provide information on becoming a "GOD" in First Person Shooters. A FPSGOD is someone who recognizes that to be the best, they have to look at every angle of which they can improve. If you’re a struggling player, i will show you how to take your game to the next level competitively. To become that feared player, clutch-master or FPSGOD. Even if you’re at a solid skill level, I hope this old dog can teach you a few new tricks. So sit-back, brew that cup of coffee and hit bookmark, because this blog may change the way you play forever.

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