FPS GOD Ressurects Noob Palace Mayhem

"Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name..."

Many of you may remember me when i went under the name, "The Fusion™". I was known for running a server known as Noob Palace Mayhem. It was an extremely popular server and lasted roughly a year and a half before it went down. Known for it's super cool admins, fair banning system, and funny joke parody's, Noob Palace Mayhem was like playing Cs_office on overdrive. Rounds typically ended as quick as they began, so if you went kamikaze you'd be right back in the action. And then the sad day came where i was forced to close it down...


That's right everyone! Noob Palace Mayhem has been brought back to life after a full year and a half since it was sadly shut down. . I cannot think of a better place in Counter-Strike Source to just go and chill. Sure i mention in my guides that pubs tend to make you sloppy, so if you're training for the CGS, it might be wise to hold off on stopping by... Then again, if you want a fun place to play (that's what this game is truly about right?), then as Bob Barker would say "Come on down!".


Now that the server is back up i will be working on reviving the Noob Palace community and merging it with the newborn FPS GOD community. Like i said, the point of the server is whatever you want it to be. If you want to play serious, play serious, if you want to joke around and have fun (as i do), by all means do that!

Server Information

The server ip is:
Please add it to your favorites, and play there often! I promise you'll get a cookie, or if you're super dedicated.. possibly admin access! Register to the forums as well, i will think about merging the some 3000 posts from the old forum to the new one if possible.
Have fun and i'll see you guys on there 🙂

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