Gaming Girls and the Bimbo Effect

Gaming Girls and the Bimbo Effect

Why must some young women set women back 50 years and act like a ditz to get attention? I have heard guys complain about these chicks and some cringe when they hear a chick playing anticipating an attention whore. I also find myself getting the shivers when I see a user name that goes something like “hotchick,” or “sweetgirly” signaling either a very confused male or an attention-starved female.

I have also heard some chicks talk in sultry and come-hither voices to some guys and shocking such guys when they find out these sweet talking girls are NOT single. Do not fall for these wannabe sirens, they are using you guys for your undivided attention, your overly willingness to be their weapon and ammo fetcher, and/or for you to die for them (not IRL though……..I hope).

You poor guys who are mature enough or just plain tired of these chicks trying too hard to be “girly,” I feel sorry for you yet I also applaud you for recognizing the ulterior motives of these online Lolitas and not falling for them.

Unfortunately, there is no patented repellant for these annoying bugs. All I can offer is some tips that may help:

Tips for Dealing with Bimbos in Gaming

  1. Ignore them, any response will encourage their ridiculousness. This will be difficult if you don’t have the option of muting their voice, but you have to be a trooper and suffer for a short while, they will eventually get bored and find a more susceptible server to their whiles.
  2. Do not give them special treatment.  Giving them good weapons and/or a lot of ammo you wouldn’t normally give to another guy will reinforce their irritating behavior.
  3. Talk normally amongst yourselves like they don't exist. This will probably irritate the hell out of these chickies (which is a plus) and make them feel shut out and lame.

If you follow these 3 guidelines, you will probably successfully be rid of these annoyances.

Listen Up Attention Whores!

If you are these above mentioned females, I have 3 words for you: GET OVER YOURSELF! So what? You’re a female gamer! I didn’t get enough hugs from my dad either. However, I don’t go around the servers flaunting my e-boobs and flirt with every Tom, Dick, and Harry. I don't try to get every guy's attention or get them to tell me how hot I am for saying suggestive things to them. If you're really that desperate for attention, go to one of those online dating services and find yourself someone to beg for attention.

Closing Thoughts

In summation, attention whores: refer to above 3 capitalized words and keep your daddy issues out of the gaming world. I know it’s nice to get recognition now and then for being who you are, just please be somewhat normal and don’t overdo the girly teeny bopper routine. Guys sick of these girls, refer them to these same above suggestions. A little patience goes a long way, especially in tip #1.  So, guys, stick to the 3 tips and you should be fine.

PS: Please post any other relevant (and non violent or unoffensive) tips on how to get rid of these types of females or stories of your encounters of them.

Akasha – giving you my 2 cents because I feel like it

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