Hi, tell me about yourself

We're trying to learn a bit more about our readers. We have a few site enhancements in the works right now based on previous feedback and want to keep getting to know you all so the site can continue to grow.

We'd like to get an idea of the skill level of our readers... are you n00bs looking for tips to start turning your game around, or are there a lot of pro-gamers reading that want to tap into some of the deepest secrets of the FPS Gods out there. My guess is there's a spread, and we'll continue to cover both ends of the spectrum, but we'd still like to ask!


...and be honest, the poll is anonymous. It'll just help us help you that much better.

We're also reaching the growth point where we are looking into hiring up some more staff soon. If you're interested, post in the forums and let us know how you can contribute.

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