New IRC channel, #fpsgod on GameSurge!

Live Community Chat

After some discussion Cognito and I felt it would be a good idea to setup a IRC channel for the FPSGOD community to compliment the forums. We've maintained other channels before (one dates back to 1998 and is still up and running) and we believe this will be a great place for the community to converse.

IRC What?

If you have no idea what IRC is or how to get started, check out this mIRC installation article.

Then download mIRC from (If needed I will post my old copy of mIRC that doesn't have a trial soon).

After setting up your username and such make sure to connect to the GameSurge network (formerly known as GamesNET) and either setup autojoin to our channel, #fpsgod or type "/join #fpsgod".

Hope to see you in there!

Random fact: Cognito is an ex-GameSurge admin and may even setup a 'strat-bot'. Stay tuned for more info.

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