Call of Duty: Black Ops Sound Stuttering Fix

Black Ops Sound Stuttering Fix

Call of Duty: Black Ops is a great game, but like most games at launch, it is far from being bug free. One of the worst, game breaking bugs is the hated sound stuttering problem.

Until EA comes out with a patch there are a few workarounds you can try to fix this annoying lag-inducing bug.

Option #1.) You can disable sound entirely.

While this fixes the sound stuttering problem, it is definitely not a perfect scenario. In any FPS, sound can be the difference maker between an average and a great player.

Option #2.) Use the console at the start of a new round and type " \snd_restart ".

This is the best option that I know about. Sure it can be a pain to do after every round, but it fixes the stuttering problem temporarily each round.

Other things to consider

I've heard multiple reports that disabling extra effects on your sound card such as "Cathedral" and lowering sound acceleration have helped some people solve their sound stuttering problem. While none of these are the confirmed 100% cause of the problem, it might be worth a try modifying your settings until EA comes out with a patch.

For other tweaks that may solve your lag issues check out our tweak section.


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