ONN’s Close Range Game is Back

A Wedding of Shotgun & Face


"Hot New Video Game Consists Solely of Shooting People Point-Blank in the Face". It's the sort of news article that gamers can't help but click on (for any myriad of reasons of course). Well, I was unfortunate enough to stumble upon this article after the site had already died and was no more, thus unable to hunt for my brother using a shotgun to ask the questions. However, it is at my utmost delight that the site has gone live again!

From the brilliantly twisted minds at the Onion News Network, they created a hilarious piece of journalism involving the hit new game that will define all games made after. The be all end all of gaming. To go with their article, they even put a 'demo' of the game online for people to play, which is mucho awesome of them.

The game itself is available at so go and enjoy one of the funniest parodies of what modern games basically consist of, though be wary of the immense load time.

The video from The Onion is below for your viewing pleasure. Happy Hunting!

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