Plants vs Zombies now available for your iPod

Great news to all Tower Defense and Zombies fans, Plants vs Zombies has been released for the iPod Touch / iPhone and can be purchased through the iTunes store for a quite reasonable $2.99. Touch screen controls work great for this game, the only major visible issue being some lag once things get really hairy in the game. However as this is a 1.0 release an update will probably be along soon (even then, it's not too bad).

For those that don't know, Plants vs Zombies is a hit Tower Defense Game pitting hordes of Zombies against various plants (towers) to protect your house. Stages are split into Front Yard, Backyard, The Pool and Rooftop, each with it's own pros/cons on gameplay (Night/day, fog, water plants, etc). Also included is a quickplay option, and achievements! Plants vs Zombies has quickly become one of the best Tower Defense games made to date, which is quite deserved given the great artwork and chuckle-inducing comedy strewn throughout the game.

A must have for all iPod users! Don't have an iPod? Then pick it up from our store for your PC already!

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