The Human Centipede: The Game

The 1980's hit Atari game is back


Sort of. As disturbing as it is, it appears some people were inspired by the new movie that is eye-brow-raisingly titled: "The Human Centipede (The First Segment)". If you haven't seen it, well, let me get you warmed up on what you're in for. Severed ligaments in the knees with a chain of people connected butt to mouth to create one long gastric system (See Figure: A).

Of course this is all made possible by a completely mad German scientist that is obsessed with joining things together in this fashion, now wanting to do humans since his three segmented rottweiler centipede passed away.


Figure: A


So yes, that's it, people surgerized together in a horrible fashion, with a nut-job Christopher Walken look-alike master treating his new pet like, well, a dog. It's... weird.

So, down to the game. It's the classic 1980's Centipede, yet now you play as the mad scientist. The centipede is now your human centipede chains run amok and out for your blood, the spider is the police, obstacles are gravestones, etc. It's actually quite a nifty idea given the subject matter and inspiration. So check it out at i-mockery for a fun throwback to the Atari ages and check out the movie if you feel like testing your intestinal fortitude!



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