3 coffee-break tips to becoming a better player

Tip#1: Lead your shots
First Person Shooter Tips

Unless you're a flick-shot master, when aiming, it is very important to lead your cross-hair ever so slightly in front of moving targets. The reason for this is that you can predict exactly where your target will be in the next millisecond, and not need to adjust your aim to compensate. In fact, if you are playing on a server with high latency, the only way you will be able to hit your target is if you lead your cross-hair in front of them.

Just as with any weapon (i mentioned this in my article regarding aiming with the AWP), It is much better to let opponents run into your cross-hair. As you get better you will find that the distance you will need to lead your cross-hair will become less and less until your aim is eventually based upon instant flick-shots. If my aim is a little off, i like to use this tactic. Leading your cross-hair is a great way to get your flick-shots back on track, quickly.

Tip#2: Aim with anticipation

To have optimal reaction time, you need to be focused and 'imagine' where your enemy will appear, even if they don't. For example, before i run around any corner, i strafe into it leading my cross-hair where i think that an enemy may appear. Even if there was no sound or reason to believe an enemy is there, i move as if they are there. By moving in this way, you will always be ready and never caught by surprise by an enemy, and will be able to react much faster if the situation does occur.

Tip#3: Keep your cross-hair on choke-points

Any entrance can be defined as a choke-point. In Counter-strike Source, and generally all First Person Shooters, choke-points are where the most people get killed. So, it's pretty obvious that while in any room or area with multiple choke-points, you should focus your attention to at least one of them. Don't aim towards the back wall while bomb planting, aim towards one of the entrance(s). If you don't know where the enemy may come from, you can hide behind an object to block your opponent's line of sight to you at one entrance, while watching the other. Or if you're really talented, watch both quickly.

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