Destroying bad habits

"Oops, I did it again"

How many times have you died in Counter-Strike and said to yourself "Oops"? You know what I'm talking about, the deaths you felt you could have prevented but they continue to plague your game round after round. These mistakes really start to add up over time and knowing how to destroy bad habits is what separates a good player from an exceptional one. A simple mistake or error in judgment could cost you and your team a playoff match.

Review Demo's

The best way to find problems in your game is to watch demo's of yourself and pinpoint your mistakes. By watching demo's you may be able to find a pattern in your deaths, and once you can find out what you are doing wrong on a regular basis, you can work on eliminating those mistakes. Make sure to write down how and why you died after every death, to make it easier to identify a pattern.

Ask for help

Often times it's much easier for someone else to identify what we are doing wrong than to place blame on ourselves. After you've reviewed your demos, ask a friend to review them as well. They may be able to pick out bad habits that you didn't realize you had.

Be hard on yourself

Once you know your weaknesses, start training yourself to eliminate them. For example, if you notice you always seem to push through a particular hallway, actively tell yourself not to. Assess the situation, find the best course of action. That action may be to play it safe.

Remain Cool

Don't get angry. That's another example of a bad habit. Being tough on yourself to eliminate bad habits is all for nothing if you're mad. Remember, negative emotions directly effect your game-play, so it's important to remain cool.

Nobody's Perfect

The best players know they will die eventually. Even, superhero's can't win all the time. That been said, if you work on minimizing bad habits in your game, you will be on track to going from a good player, to an exceptional one.

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