How to juggle a girlfriend and gaming

neglecting girlfriend

Women are complicated

As you may know 95% of women despise guys who play video games for even a few minutes let alone a few hours. Don't despair friend, there are plenty of ways to get your girlfriend to accept your addiction.. in fact, you may even be able to get her to embrace it!

Why girls hate video games

  • It's in their nature
    In the past, games have been really anti-social and as we all know girls are extremely social beings. The good news is that more and more women are beginning to enjoy gaming.
  • "They have better things to do"
    They'd rather be shopping or doing makeup, hell they'd even rather clean up after the dog before wanting to play or let you play.

"I'm sick and tired of your stupid video games!"

How many times have you heard that line before? Obviously if you are hearing that a lot from your woman it means you haven't been keeping your girlfriend in check. If you don't do some relationship control soon, expect her to be with some other shmuck who recently gave up gaming forever to be her emotional slave.

Tips to keep her at baygirlfriend video game neglect

  • Try to get her to join you!
    It may sound silly but many girls love gaming too, they just don't know it yet! If you plan to try this, start slow. Gradually dribble interests of the game to her such a way that it doesn't seem like you want her to play. The more you make it seem like you don't want her to play, the more she will want to just to piss you off!
  • Tell her a white lie
    A little white lie never killed anyone, unless they got caught that is. "I'd love too dear but I'm busy tonight, <insertnamehere> needs my help moving."
    WARNING: If she catches you doing this, you may wake up with female genitalia.
  • Smother her with gifts
    Another great attention diverter. If you send flowers to her work you might just buy enough time to get away with being a loser playing video games in the dark.
  • Convince her to get a hobby
    This is absolutely the best way to keep your girlfriend from nagging you off your games. When she takes up a hobby that she enjoys, she'll be far too busy for you; leaving you plenty of time to play! The best idea is to get her interested in something like yoga or working out so she'll maintain that hot-bod. Stray away from dancing though, she might just sucker you into joining her!

If all else fails

Unfortunately many girls will not accept your gaming hobby, and may try to get you to quit. Think about that choice for a moment:

Option# 1: Quit gaming forever, be with controlling girlfriend


Option# 2: Be a gamer, do whatever you want

If you enjoy gaming, and option #2 appeals to you more than option #1, it's time to dump your current girlfriend. Hell, you might even get lucky and find a girl that is willing to accept that you like to play a few hundred hours a week (give or take 95).

Randy Comment: Some women have formed support groups to fight the gaming neglect; Make sure to dump that nagging girlfriend or you may just find them as a member!

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