The PlayStation Vita makes it’s debut

PlayStation Vita Review

Sony unveiled their newest handheld console at E3 this week called the PlayStation Vita. It is very similar to the Sony PSP in design, but sports dual control sticks instead of one, a beautiful OLED screen, dual cameras and much more.

Sony Vita the next big thing?

Sony has always had troubles competing with Nintendo in the console handheld market, but from the looks of this product, it appears that Sony may in fact become the front runner in the handheld console race.

Vita Features

Here is a brief overview of some of the features it has:
  • Front and back multitouch screens, motion sensors and Six Axis sensors
  • The ability to chat on the fly in the midst of multiplayer action or while watching videos
  • A multitouch 5-inch OLED display
  • Front and rear cameras to enable augmented reality (similar to the Nintendo 3DS)
  • An always on Wi-Fi or 3G connection
  • Dual Analog Sticks
  • Compatibility between your PS3├é┬áand PlayStation├é┬áVita systems
  • Much Much More

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