Vincto – Can it Help You Game Harder?

At First I Was Like...

A plethora of things have kept me from being able to try Vincto, something I've been eager to do for some time now. However, now that I've moved and finally have internet and a working CPU (that isn't prone to fires) I have been able to bunker down and sample these little red pills over the course of a couple months. I'm extremely skeptical of vitamins and enhancers since, generally, pills equal a ton of money for something that your body can't even properly use and ends up as waste (both literally and financially). I felt curious about Vincto though, some pretty strong testimonials and an interesting ingredient list made me put aside my preconceived notions about pills and give it a shot.

Could they actually have an appropriate blend of ingredients that are beneficial and not just pissed away within the hour?

Then I Was All...

I popped two cherry red pills and got ready to remove some heads via high caliber rounds. I waited 30 minutes and booted up some CS. Words cannot describe the odd feeling that washed over me; so here's a pictoral representation of my first few minutes of gaming.

Ravenous GamingIt is an odd sensation I felt. The equivalence of drinking a case of Red Bulls without the jitters. My awareness was through the roof, it felt as if I had a tube blocking all sight except for my monitor, ditto for sound, the only thing I was processing at the moment was my game and my game alone. I could have gamed through an earthquake and not realized it (okay, a little over the top, but I just want to stress how insanely in the zone I felt). Not only did I find myself able to keep track of all the aspects of gaming much easier (utilizing the hud, etc) but my reaction time was definitely increased. I felt I had to take this on another trial.

Rambo GamingNext up: Left4Dead2. A game I'm generally decent at, but always seem to have a problem with my aim (I often over shoot my mouse and end up snap aiming too far, just missing their head, kind of annoying but a habit I haven't been able to kick fully yet). Lo-n-behold, my snap aiming was on target. Not only that, but the ability to comprehend the locations of zombies while being swarmed and rationally (and quickly) devise a plan of escape was also heightened. Again, I was in the zone, laughing maniacally as I cleaved through mobs of zombies with my new found awareness.

Since I no longer game professionally I couldn't help but wonder if these little guys would be at all beneficial for other sorts of games? The target group for this stuff is quite obviously the pro FPS gamer, but what about other reaction based games? Could I keep up-to-par with my Korean counterparts in StarCraft 2? Well, I decided not to get ahead of myself, what bout something not involving my computer. Rock Band it is. Could I mash on those little colored bars in a way I've never done before? I had to try!

Rock Band Constant Motion SoloI'm not too bad at Rock Band, but I always find myself getting out of sync then having the entire screen become a blur of colors the moment I miss that first note. I had to see if Vincto could possibly help with that too. Not too surprisingly, it did. My hands generally get all Palsy on me when things start moving fast with the HOPO's leaving me stuck as a tier 3/4 expert player on guitar (...or tier 1 drums 🙁 ). Yup, I could survive songs way out of my caliber, I was hitting solos that were generally inconceivable before, I was again in the zone and loving every moment of it. My enjoyment of gaming had been taken to a whole new level.

Then I Was Finally...

I was very sad at first given that while gaming I must have a cup of coffee with me at all times, and generally don't consider the day complete without atleast 2 or 3 pots. But I had to go without for a couple hours with Vincto to avoid a caffeine overdose (understandable, but dang). Oddly enough though, after my second sitting I didn't find myself craving it at all. Actually I was so concentrated on my gaming that I didn't have time for a cup of coffee. Believe it or not, that was the one thing I was most worried about, coffee withdrawls while gaming; but fear not fellow gamers, you won't even notice it's not there.

I can't help but think Vincto is a great tool for anyone looking to take gaming professionally. The thing that amazed me most was the complete lack of burnout that you generally get from energy supplements. I actually couldn't tell when the stuff had worn off physically, to which I am thankfully impressed. Kudos, Vincto, you made a pill form of an energy drink without any of the horrific and sickening side effects.

So, if you want to take your gaming to a new level of consciousness, head on over to Vincto's website and give it a looksie for yourself. Hey, Christmas is coming up, put a bottle on your wishlist. 😉


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