StarCraft 2


StarCraft 2: Black Friday Sale, $29.99!

For a limited time, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is available for a mere $29.99 — that’s 50% off the suggested retail price. more

Starcraft 2 Information

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is Blizzard Entertainment’s sequel to their extremely popular, award winning RTS (real time strategy) video game StarCraft. Set in the 26th century, the game takes place deep within the Milky way galaxy, roughly four years after the timeline of events found in the StarCraft: Broodwar expansion. As suspected, the game […] more

StarCraft 2 HD Videos

StarCraft 2 HD Battle Reports Below is a list of all the SC2 HD Battle Report videos released as a preview from Blizzard so far. They are usually split up into 2 or 3 parts so unfortunately you’ll need to watch them in a series because of the 10 minute YouTube limitation.   Battle Report […] more

StarCraft 2 Demo Beta

StarCraft 2 Demo Beta Blizzard announced recently in their patch notes that the StarCraft2 demo beta will be shutting down temporarily for a few weeks starting on May 31, 2010 June 7th 2010(recently changed). This is sad news for all the pre-order, beta-key holders who were hoping to be able to play SC2 all the […] more

StarCraft 2 System Requirements

StarCraft 2 System Requirements: With the beta out to the select few who decided to pre-order StarCraft 2, the rest of us can prepare by making sure our system can run the game smoothly. Thankfully Blizzard has done a great job at making the game run very well, similar to World of Warcraft on a vast number of different computer configurations. Anyway, here are the minimum and recommended system specs to play StarCraft 2 more

StarCraft 2 Freeze on exit bug

StarCraft 2 Freezes on exit Many users have reported that they are experiencing lockups and various crashes in the StarCraft 2 beta. Most of which are not game breaking, such as the game exit crash. If Starcraft 2 crashes when exiting or quitting the game, a temporary, but very simple solution to fix the crash […] more