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Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Counter-Strike Global Offensive aka CS: GO Announced

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Information has leaked about Valve’s upcoming plans for 2012 with the announcement of Counter-Strike Global Offensive on the Reddit forums. The post reads “It’s called CS:Global Offensive (not 100% sure that is how it’s written, but CS:GO is the short name). We didn’t have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, but they did ask […] more

Aimbot Parody

Aimbot Parody Anyone who has played Counter-Strike or any other online FPS understands the annoyance of aimbot hackers. Youtube user Freddiew, has created a very good video depicting what an aimbot hacker would look like in real life. Check it out below. more
Strategy Guide

“How to be good at Counter-Strike”

The ultimate source for Counter-Strike Strategy is here. Become better now! more

HeatoN Counter-Strike Tips & Tricks Videos

Heaton’s Counter-strike Tips more

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