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Team Fortress 2 Performance Config

Team Fortress 2 FPS CFG Kaizen’s Team Fortress 2 performance config is designed to boost your frame rates (FPS) while maintaining the best possible graphics experience. It also attempts to improve hit registration (i.e. the accuracy of your shots) by optimizing network settings, improve the visibility of the crosshair, and increase brightness so you can […] more

Left 4 Dead FPS Config

Tired of sluggish performance in Left 4 Dead? Looking for the best custom Left 4 Dead config? Download Kaizen’s Left 4 Dead config today! more

Removed Key Bindings in Kaizen’s CFG

Due to numerous complaints, i have disabled all of the key binding settings in Kaizen’s Source Cfg. They are commented out, however still remain in the config if you wish to view them. To re-enable them, simply find the section in the config that says “Key Binds” and delete the “//”‘s before all the bound […] more

Kaizen’s CS: Source FPS Cfg v1.1 Released!

It’s Out! Yes that’s right, the cat’s out of the bag. After years of keeping my Counter-Strike Source FPS config a secret, I’ve decided to release it to the public. What many players don’t realize is that proper settings are crucial to competitive gaming, so I really wanted to squeeze every known tweak and setting […] more