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New Rage Uprising Trailer and Screenshots

Rage Uprising Trailer Call him what you like, rocket scientist, inventor or FPS rendering genius, it’s all accurate when speaking about John Carmack. John’s almost done coding his latest video game rendering masterpiece, Rage, and wow does it look good. Below is the just released trailer from QuakeCon 2011 entitled Rage Uprising. Make sure to […] more
Portal 2

Portal 2: Coop Trailer and Meet Wheatley Video

…For science – you monster.   Some exciting stuff to view here today! The first teaser video of co-op mode in Portal 2. I can imagine how tricky that stuff is gonna get. Then we have a quick video introducing us to Wheatley, a little Personality Core that helps you along in the start of […] more

StarCraft 2 HD Videos

StarCraft 2 HD Battle Reports Below is a list of all the SC2 HD Battle Report videos released as a preview from Blizzard so far. They are usually split up into 2 or 3 parts so unfortunately you’ll need to watch them in a series because of the 10 minute YouTube limitation.   Battle Report […] more
Batman Arkham Asylum 2

Batman Arkham Asylum 2 Teaser Trailer

Batman Arkham Asylum 2 Teaser Trailer – Watch the Batman Arkham Asylum 2 trailer here more
Tron Evolution

Tron Evolution Trailer

Tron Evolution Trailer   It appears Disney’s upcoming video game “Tron” based on the soon to be released hit movie, is slated for a release date somewhere in the ballpark of Christmas 2010. Here is a quick sneak preview of the Tron Evolution Trailer. more

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