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Over 10 Minutes of Gameplay from Batman: Arkham City

Call For a Stay of Execution Exciting news for all you Batnuts eagerly awaiting any and all snippets that get out involving the Caped Crusader. Good news as here we have over ten minutes of gameplay footage from the game showcasing the combat mechanics of Catwoman and Batman, in-game cutscenes, a secret trophy location, how […] more

Portal 2: Coop Trailer and Meet Wheatley Video

…For science – you monster.   Some exciting stuff to view here today! The first teaser video of co-op mode in Portal 2. I can imagine how tricky that stuff is gonna get. Then we have a quick video introducing us to Wheatley, a little Personality Core that helps you along in the start of […] more

Doom Title Screen in Hama Beads

A Bead is Worth a Thousand Words Just as the title reads. Had this thrown my way and now have to share it with you: An epic recreation of the Doom title screen reinterpreted using nothing but Hama Beads. The project used 56,832 beads and sizes in at 4’7″ x 3’11”. Impressive. So much so […] more

Full Rock Band 3 Setlist and Info Comfirmed

Full Disclosure: Due to a swelling of rumor ‘real setlist!’ instigators, Harmonix made a video to settle once and for all, with a good dose of humor, that these setlists are in fact false. They also show all 83 songs that are coming in the next Rock Band installment. Some quick things first: The Rock […] more

Aimbot Parody

Aimbot Parody Anyone who has played Counter-Strike or any other online FPS understands the annoyance of aimbot hackers. Youtube user Freddiew, has created a very good video depicting what an aimbot hacker would look like in real life. Check it out below. more