Golden Wrench Destruction Derby!

A 'Schmelting' Incident:

My jaw hit the floor when I found this out (assuming of course, the people that will do things like wait in line to buy $300+ new electronics and smash them for #*@s and giggles). Of course, after a moment of reflection I am not at all surprised. I am in fact glad to see people still doing what many others will only see as "a waste" or saddening. Because it's for charity!

From the TF2 Blog:

Over the last month Jon "WiNGSPANTT" Tran has spent his personal time and energy promoting and collecting donations for the Child's Play charity. The more donations received, the more Golden Wrenches to be destroyed on August 31st. As each Golden Wrench is destroyed a global message will be sent to everyone playing Team Fortress 2 announcing the sacrifice. Everyone who donates will receive a place on a special steam group to mark their generosity.

TF2 Golden Wrench CharityWow! Since the TF2 Blog's announcement the donations have already more than tripled! Child's Play is a great charity and definitely one that is understandable for the gamers of the world, a hearty "way to go!" for all parties involved in the inception and follow through of this event.

Check out the TF2 Blog or the TopTierTactics Blog for more info or to donate!


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