Item Unlocks

Item Unlocks

Stand by your Mann

TF2 Introduces the Mann-Conomy The latest update has finally arrived, The Mann-Conomy update includes a whopping 65 new items (including more hats), the Polycount Pack, item trading, item customisation plus a few gameplay tweaks. More significantly, this update sees the introduction of the ‘Mann-Co store’ where players can purchase items with real world money. Yes, […] more
Item Unlocks

Catch the Elusive TF2 Golden Wrench

Time to Tool About A common tool has never been so epic. To celebrate the release of the (real) TF2 Engineer Update (and to spite drift-racers the world over), there are 100 super special golden wrenches being given away in-game. Just a simple recolor of his melee weapon? Well not quite, see this doesn’t just […] more
Item Unlocks

TF2 Hats, Medals and Items

Team Fortress 2: Hat Addicts Anonymous   Here is a comprehensive list of all hats and other character accessories that can be unlocked in Team Fortress 2. Also included is info on special items and how they are unlocked… and be sure to take your hat off in the presence of a lady! The Scout: […] more

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