TF2 Meet the Cast

Team Fortress 2 - Meet the...


By popular demand, here is the starting lineup to our descend into the realm of Team Fortress 2. To get things started off correctly, here's the characters of TF2 and their hilarious intro videos.

Meet the Spy:

Meet the Scout:

[hi-res version will be posted when available for non-US]

Meet the Soldier:

Meet the Engineer:

Meet the Heavy:

Meet the Demoman:

Meet the Sniper:

Meet the Pyro:

Apparently, there is no love for the Pyro yet. Once a video is released, we will be sure to add it to the list here!

Meet the Medic:

Another vital team member without an intro video. Once Valve makes one available, we'll be sure to add it here!

Meet the Sandvich:

All videos © Valve Software

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