A great wireless mouse guide

wireless mouse guideI personally do not use wireless peripherals for fear of a poor connection, but if you do, the following article from Tweak3d is for you. Actually even if you don't use a wireless device, this article is worth a read.

The article delves in the topic of maximizing the tracking performance specifically for wireless devices. It also goes over some great tips to keep your mouse clean and maintained. Here is a quick excerpt:

  • "Dirt and hair are the worst nightmares for an optical mouse. These mice rely primarily on two magical technologies dancing perfectly together to reach maximum performance. The first is the optical portion – the light that is reflecting off the mousing surface to determine its direction and speed. Whether the mouse is a plain “optical” or “laser” mouse, you can clean the mouse and surface well in order to fix tracking issues quite easily."

Make sure to check this article out as it is definitely worth a look-see.

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