Speed up your performance, remove spyware

Remove Spyware what?

Of all the things that can be wastefully eating away your precious CPU and RAM resources, spyware takes the cake. Spyware is a computer user's nightmare proving to be the most annoying and most notorious software ever created. Few people even recognize they have spyware until it becomes so bad that they cannot even load Windows (too many spyware programs take up all resources). If you haven't run spyware checks recently, or have other, less technically included people using your computer, chances are you have spyware installed that is eating away at your computer's performance.

How to clean and remove Spyware


Spybot Search and Destroy

Crap Cleaner

I recommend after downloading, installing these programs to immediately let them upgrade to the newest definition files. After that, run full scans with each program one at a time, reboot into safe mode, pull your internet cable, and run them all again. Once they have all been run in safe mode, try restarting and do one last full scan, the majority of your spyware should now be removed and your computer should be well on it's way to performing as it should.

spyware removal tools

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