Warhammer Online, Unlimited Tier 1 Trial

Seems the nice folks over at Mythic have decided to scrap the 10 day limitation on the trial version of Warhammer Online and make it... <insert drumroll> UNLIMITED!

This is great news since players of the free trial will have access to the entire Tier 1 portion of the game.

From the perspective of someone who has played Warhammer Online all the way to Tier 4, I must say that Tier 1 in Warhammer Online had some of the most memorable moments of the entire game.

If you've held off on trying Warhammer Online due to financial reasons, you have no excuse now that the unlimited free trial is out. You can't beat the cost: zip, nada, nothing.

So what are you waiting for? Christmas? (RIP DNF)

Go download the unlimited trial version from Mythic's site and wage war WAGHHH.

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