Top 100 Best Zombie Movies Part 1

Top 100 Best Zombie Movies: A Toast to the Zombie Gaming Revolution


We love zombies. It’s our duty as geeks and/or gamers to be fascinated by the social commentary so often paralleled in modern zombie cinema; or atleast to enjoy watching people get their faces eaten. Either way they’re lovable creatures with a following that is to be truly admired. With the ever increasing boost of zombie/undead themed games, I present to the general public a list of the best zombie movies (and worst) to date. Of course this list is my personal opinion and very much open to dispute, there are also plenty of zombie movies I have not seen that probably deserve to be on this list. This is simply one zombie fan’s attempt to further the spread of zombie admiration and perhaps get some people into some of the best zombie movies they may have never before seen. Keeping the interest high keeps the zombie games coming!

Now I must confess; these first ten are not actually released movies. They are currently in either scripting or filming. I've included them as they are movies I am extremely eager to see, but have placed them at the bottom of the list because no one can be sure just how epic (or an epic fail) they may be. The following movies are very promising indeed, and have the potential to be staples in the zombie genre for years to come.

Numbers 100 - 91:

100] Worst Case Scenario

One Sheet for Worst Case Scenario
Synopsis: "In the final of the World Championship soccer games Holland and Germany are going to war. An American on a personal quest antagonizes a group of hooligans that chase him to a North Sea island. There awaits an opponent in a league of its own."

Quite simply a very gruesome pitch with what seems like a funny grudging background. Doesn't sound very gruesome? Watch the pitch trailer below and tell me that doesn't look terrifying (and hilarious). The film finally got it's funding (took freaking long enough), and is currently shooting.

99] Dead Snow (Dod Sno)

One Sheet for Dod Sno
Synopsis: "For eight medical students, Easter vacation begins innocently enough. They pack their cars full of ski equipment and enough beer to fuel their escape from everyday life to the snowy, isolated hills outside of Oksfjord, Norway. Once there, they receive a late-night visit from a shady hiker, who tells them a story about Nazi occupation of the area during World War II."

Seriously, Nazi zombies are a truly untapped market. It's a brilliant subgenre that compliments the zombie horror so well. What's worse than a zombie? Why a Nazi zombie of course! This little ditty comes from Norway, which has been kicking out a few decent horrors lately, so I can't wait to see it! Ein. Zwei. Die! Brilliant!

98] Resident Evil 4

One Sheet for Resident Evil 4
For those of you that haven't seen the latest in the Resident Evil series, I'm going to spoil it for you. There's an army of Alice clones. Lead by the original Alice, she vowed to shut down all the Umbrella a-holes that were still alive (Wesker included). The previous installment ended in a very Doom-esque finale, and if #4 can keep that grittiness free flowing and make an army of clones present themselves on screen in a non-super-cheesy way, we're in for one hell of a flick.

An army of 100 Alice clones

97] I Sell the Dead

One Sheet for I Sell the Dead
Synopsis: "18th century justice has finally caught up to grave robbers Arthur Blake and Willie Grimes. With the specter of the guillotine looming over him, young Blake confides in visiting clergyman Father Duffy, recounting fifteen years of adventure in the resurrection trade. His tale leads from humble beginnings as a young boy stealing trinkets from corpses, to a partnership with seasoned ghoul Willie Grimes as they hunt creatures unwilling to accept their place in the ground."

Here's a nice spin on an undead flick. Plus we got Dominic Monaghan and Ron Perlman (both favorite actors of mine) in filthy looking sets amongst the society of the poor and lower cusp struggling to survive by curious ways. It looks to me like Plunkett & Macleane... only with zombies. Awsome.

96] 28 Months Later

One Sheet for 28 Months Later
Frankly, the first two in the series rocked my socks off. The powerful score, the new take on the zombie movie (I know they're not zombies, but it's still a freakin' zombie flick, okay?!) and the artsy colorful presentation of the sets. Now with the target of presenting the outbreak outside of England it should refresh the scenery and make for a more horrific apocalyptic movie. It has the makings to be the final flick in a perfect zombie trilogy.

95] [•Rec]²

One Sheet for Rec 2
The original Spanish movie was raved about so much that the American remake was filmed practically the moment the director could get his hands on an english version of the script. Now here's the coming sequal, looking just as real life as the original. It appears some soldiers find themselves on the wrong side of the tape-off with a cameraman there to capture every horrifying moment.

94] Stone's War

One Sheet for Stone's War
Synopsis: "Captain Martin Stone is leading a finely-trained, elite platoon of American and Finnish soldiers as they attack an enemy bunker. Underestimating their enemy's strength, they are quickly beaten back into the forest. As they try to regroup, they are suddenly attacked by the same soldiers they had just killed minutes earlier. Forced to flee deeper into Russian territory, they discover one of war's most terrifying secrets and realize they have woken up a far more deadlier enemy."

Ever since I saw the original pitch trailer (then titled War of the Dead, which was stolen by a very different, very crappy movie) I fell in love with the slick look to the movie. That, and again; Nazi Zombies! Also, my favorite subgenre of horror is 'military horror'. I just can't get enough of it and this looks like it also is going to kick my ass in all sorts of ways.

93] Dead Air

One Sheet for Dead Air
Synopsis: "At the center of this politically charged tale is Logan Burnhardt the ego-king of the airwaves, but his unflappable persona is put to the test when a terrorist bio-attack unleashes a plague of flesh-ripping maniacs on Los Angeles. He experiences the horror first-hand as their normally wacked-out callers bombard the station with news of this very real horror spreading around them."

Wow. I can't believe what Bill Moseley looks like without the crazy redneck hair or well groomed, rage contorted, face. A handful of zombie flicks have a small part where some survivors take refuge in a radio studio before having to flee to their next locale. Here it appears a radio persona is holed up inside his studio when the zombie outbreak starts and we are treated to one city's take on the events surrounding said outbreak. It appears to be a neat idea and I hope it turns out to be as much of an icon of social commentary as it is presenting itself to be.

92] ... of the Dead

One Sheet for of the Dead
Synopsis: "On a small island off North America's coast, the dead rise to menace the living. Yet...the islanders can't bring themselves to exterminate their loved ones, despite the growing danger from those the once held dear. A rebel among them hunts down all the zombies he can find, only to be banished from the island for assassinating his neighbors and friends. On the mainland, bent on revenge, he encounters a small band of survivors in search of an oasis on which to build a new life. Barely surviving an attack from a mass of ravenous flesh-eaters. They commandeer a zombie-infested ferry and sail to the island. There, to their horror, they discover that the locals have chained the dead inside their homes, pretending to live 'normal' lives...with bloody consequences."

More political and social commentary care of Romero's disturbing mind. The man knows how to keep the zombie genre interesting film after film. I'm sure this will make it into my personal zombie collection in no time.

91] World War Z

One Sheet for World War Z
Max Brooks wrote an amazing little zombie book called World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War. Frankly, I'm alright with watching a zombie movie in the style of a National Geographic special. The adaptation is said to concentrate on the main character, and his collecting of the information about the zombie apocalypse. An interesting idea that is getting great reviews over it's script, and the stylish ideas for the presentation of the story.

Concept art for the movie adaptation of Max Brook's World War Z

Movie synopses care of IMDB or each film's respective Official Website.


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