Top 100 Best Zombie Movies Part 2

Top 100 Best Zombie Movies: A Toast to the Zombie Gaming Revolution


We love zombies. It’s our duty as geeks and/or gamers to be fascinated by the social commentary so often paralleled in modern zombie cinema; or atleast to enjoy watching people get their faces eaten. Either way they’re lovable creatures with a following that is to be truly admired. With the ever increasing boost of zombie/undead themed games, I present to the general public a list of the best (and worst) undead movies to date. Of course this list is my personal opinion and very much open to dispute, there are also plenty of zombie movies I have not seen that probably deserve to be on this list. This is simply one zombie fan’s attempt to further the spread of zombie admiration and perhaps get some people into some of the best zombie classics they may have never before seen. Keeping the interest high keeps the zombie games coming!

Numbers 90-81:

90] Dead and Deader

One Sheet for Dead and Deader
Synopsis: "After he's bitten by a beetle carrying a zombie virus, a tough soldier survives the infection, becoming only half zombie. Once back in the US, he finds himself fighting his former comrades in arms, all of whom are turning into zombies!"

Well, this is one of the worst and silliest zombie movies I have ever seen. Even as a made-for-TV movie, this thing is a joke from start to finish... well except for some funny banter in the opening sequence. Anyways, we got Dean Cain as a half-zombie soldier (by zombie I mean he has a light coating of white powder on his face), trying to act tough and be a pretty boy all at once. Of course we have a main female lead that's in love with our zombie hero (oh the tangled web, how can she love a zombie?!), and quite frankly the movie just spirals from there into a boring mindless mess of a turd.

89] Automaton Transfusion

One Sheet for Automaton Transfusion
Synopsis: "Three teens find themselves in a town over run with zombies. Deciding to fight back, they go on a punch you in the throat, action packed, non stop ride through the city, woods, and schools."

Pompous joke. The trailer for this movie defines the film as the 'horror film that defines this generation'. Wow, that's a pretty big burden to carry for a low budget flick. The film quality is absolute garbage, the acting is atrocious, the effects are poor; it's a mess. It gets some points for effort though, it's obvious it's there via some decent camerawork here and there, but unfortunately the entire thing is just a shambling mess.

88] Shock Waves

One Sheet for Shock Waves
Synopsis: "Visitors to a remote island discover that a reclusive Nazi commandant has been breeding a group of Zombie soldiers."

This was the first Nazi Zombie movie I ever saw. At the time it was, and I quote the DVD cover, "The best of the Nazi zombie movies". At this time in question, I watched it and that statement was actually true. Unfortunately, there were no good ones to compare it to. The movie is quite horrible, sporting Nazi Seamen Zombies that for some unknown reason wear aviator goggles, and are only capable of killing by drowning their victims. What do our heroes do to survive? Run around, try to swim away, fall in a pool; crap, they do anything and everything involving them constantly hanging precariously close to a source of water. It's far from entertaining, far from gruesome, and even further from terrifying.

87] American Zombie

One Sheet for American Zombie
Synopsis: "... documents the daily lives of a small community of the living deceased who make their home in Los Angeles."

It's a spiffy idea, a documentary of the daily lives of the zombies trying to live in society amongst us. Their struggles, the prejudice against them, the rallies both for and against their rights; it's a weird concept for a zombie movie and quite original. The downside is that it's a super indie flick with pretty bad acting and effects. The plot is too silly for the seriousness of the concept and the whole thing drags along at a dull pace. The flick's got a neat idea for the end, but it's far from worthy of sitting through the whole thing to get to.

86] Zombie 90

One Sheet for Zombie 90
Synopsis: "Two doctors are trying to stop a rampant epidemic of zombieism. They fend off zombies spilling many a gallon of blood in the process."

The ultimate in awful zombie cheese. By the director that brought us such masterpieces as Violent S*it, Violent S*it II, and the acclaimed Violent S*it III: Infantry of Doom, we are treated to something that words are almost incapable of describing. Loads of awful gore, some baby ripping, and the BEST super cheesy dubbing available. I mean really bad. No seriously, watch the clip below and try not to laugh.

85] The Thirsty Dead

One Sheet for The Thirsty Dead
Synopsis: "Beautiful young girls are kidnapped off the streets of Manila by a death cult that needs their blood to remain immortal."

Dull. The movie feels more like a Star Trek episode than anything else, complete with the same wardrobe designer. Beautiful young girls? Did I miss something? Perhaps the definitions of beautiful and young were different back in 1974. Bad dialogue with hilarious attempts at 'zombies' and evil forever young (young by their standards again that is) immortals. When someone bites the dust, it's a guaranteed laugh, but the pacing lacks too much to be worthy of a serious watch.

84] Flesh Eater

One Sheet for Flesh Eater
Synopsis: "A group of teenagers, taking a nocturnal hayride come across the grave of a man. Little did they know that this deceased man is in fact very much alive in the form of a zombie. One by one, the actual living are falling victim and becoming zombies."

A zombie 'classic', but is merely only one for reasons of age rather than actual substance. Still, we got one pissed off zombie and his friends killing teens, and that's all this one needs. Along with some gore and bad acting, prepare yourself for a cheesefest of zombie fun.

83] Zombie Holocaust (Doctor Butcher M.D.)

One Sheet for Doctor Butcher M.D.
Synopsis: "In New York, body parts are missing in a hospital where Dr. Dreylock teaches anatomy. When one cannibal worker is killed after taking the heart of a corpse, Dr. Dreylock's assistant and anthropologist Lori Ridgeway recognizes the signal of a tribe in the Moluccas Island that worships the god Kito."

Mad doctor? Check. Zombie army? Check. Bad acting and gore? Check. Cannibalism? Check. Don't be fooled, the M.D. stands for 'Medical Deviant", well is that ever clever. </sarcasm>. Still, as far as zombies go, this is another one of those 'classics' that is merely so only because it's been grandfathered into the genre.

82] Wicked Little Things

One Sheet for Wicked Little Things
Synopsis: "Recently widowed Karen Tunny and her two daughters, Sarah and Emma, move to a remote mountain home which Karen has inherited from the family of her late husband. However, she is unaware that the home is situated near an old mine, the site of an early 20th century tragedy in which many children were buried alive."

Sadly a very promising movie that was from an installment of the "8 Films to Die For". With a decent premise and good use of cameras, sets, and colors, the movie really should've ended up being more than what was delivered to us in the final product. Very slow paced, playing more as a soap opera with some zombies thrown in. Still, a small mass of zombie children? Yeah that's pretty creepy.

81] Dark Floors

One Sheet for Dark Floors
Synopsis: "While in the hospital for a tomography of the brain of his autistic daughter Sarah, Ben becomes upset when there is a power failure. He decides to leave the hospital with Sarah..." Needless to say, this is not an easy task.

The Lordi motion picture! Who's Lordi? Why they're a hard rock band that have all the members always dressed up in very evil and elaborate costumes. The first horror film for it's region, it is very well done. The sets are disturbing, and become progressively dirtier and more sinister as they descend the floors. This is not your typical zombie movie, as the undead (or atleast most of them) are actually the members of the band, terrorizing the small group of survivors. Time manipulation, alternative dimensions, and the big good vs evil thing is strewn throughout the movie, but is done so in a very confusing way (albeit adding a very uneasy mood to the film nonetheless). Fine acting, beautiful Silent Hill like sets and an interesting plot keep the film enjoyable, even though this is not, I repeat not, a gore flick. The ending is slightly confusing (which is why the film has been berated by most since it's release), but any movie where the final credits have more cast credits under the 'dead bodies' and 'zombies' sections than the actual acting cast itself is gold in my books.

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