Silent Hill HD Collection Information

Sound the Air Raid Siren, it's Coming...

More great news on the High Definition revamp front, as we will be getting a Silent Hill HD Collection.

The collection will combine Silent Hill 2 & 3 and feature fully redone 1080 HD graphics, reworked 7.1 Dolby Surround audio, and full trophy support. The release will be a Playstation 3 exclusive, so bad news bears to all the Xbox owners out there that were hoping to rekindle their survival horror nostalgia by reliving the nightmare world of Silent Hill.

There is currently no release date set, but it's probably a pretty safe bet to say we can expect to see it roughly the same time as the other HD remakes this year (Q4, end of this year) or during the first quarter of next year. So hang tight and get some clean undies ready, cause Pyramid Head thinks you have something in your teeth and wants to use his giant toothpick to help get it out.

Silent Hill 2 PS2 - There was a hole here

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