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Battlefield 3: Beta Weekend

The Battlefield 3 Open Beta Weekend is here, Play for FREE NOW! more

Info on upcoming Playstation 3D Display (TV)

Release date, general product and pre-order info, price, and where to buy the soon to be released Playstation 3D Display. more

Review: Assassin’s Creed 1

We take a closer look and review Assassin’s Creed 1, the first game in the amazing series.. more

Shadow of the Colossus: Lizard & Fruit Location Guide

Three detailed maps showing the locations of all White Tail (Shining) Lizards, Fruits, and Save Temples in Shadow of the Colossus. more

New Rage Uprising Trailer and Screenshots

Rage Uprising Trailer Call him what you like, rocket scientist, inventor or FPS rendering genius, it’s all accurate when speaking about John Carmack. John’s almost done coding his latest video game rendering masterpiece, Rage, and wow does it look good. Below is the just released trailer from QuakeCon 2011 entitled Rage Uprising. Make sure to […] more