General Left 4 Dead Tips

Left 4 Dead Tips

Alright so you're getting mauled by Zombies, shooting teammates and pissing off every other survivor on your team to the point that they're screaming "what the (bleep) are you doing man". Well my friend, it sounds like you need a lesson in Zombie survival 101 if so read on.

Let's go over some simple Left 4 Dead tips that will keep your teammates happy and the zombies at bay.

Basic Left 4 dead Tips
left 4 dead tips

  • Play as a team
  • Left 4 Dead's gameplay is built upon the mechanic of solid team-play. Help your team-mates when they're in need and learn how to stick together or you'll surely end up as a tasty appetizer for many ravenous zombies.

  • Don't shoot your team-mates!
  • God i can't stress this one enough. Nothing will annoy your fellow survivors more than shooting them in the back. A good rule of thumb is, "when in doubt melee instead".

  • Melee often
  • Ammo may not be very scarce in Left 4 Dead, but that's no reason to overlook melee. Even though Valve recently nerf'ed melee in Left 4 Dead, it's still overpowered. Take advantage of it and spam it often. It's great for knocking back hordes and protecting your teammates from accidental friendly fire. Save your ammo for the real baddies like the tanks or witches. Melee is also great against hunters. You can thank me the next time a hunter tries to pounce on you but you melee him off mid-jump.

  • Save your molotovs
  • Don't get me wrong, The molotov is a great tool found in any survivor's arsenal, but they really have one use that makes them stand out; they're a tank destroyer. Yep, pop one of these boys on your raging tank buddy and expect him to go down in 30 seconds or less; even if you didn't hit him any other way! Also, I'm sure you will agree that a mob of flaming zombies in close quarters = bad news.

  • Save your pipebombs
  • Again like the molotov these are situational grenades. I prefer to save these babies for the final push to the safe room or when my noobie buddy needs help when they discover that wandering off alone in Left 4 Dead is a bad thing.

  • Use communication
  • Even if you're playing on a public server, it's a good idea to chat with your Left 4 Dead survivors. Tell them where you're going, ask for help, and plan your survival strategy. This is direly important in match play, but respectably also in public games because it adds to the fun and immersion of having been "Left 4 Dead".

  • Reload while Melee'in
  • I must thank Valve for this one. Being able to reload while using melee is a great ability that's never under-rated, especially when you're surrounded by a horde of zombies. This is doubly important to the shotgun weapons but applies to all others as well.

  • Close doors behind you
  • Anything you can do to slow down the zombies is a good thing. Remember what your momma used to say and  "close the door behind you". Thanks for the tip Ma!

If you're new to Left 4 Dead, in general these basic Left 4 dead tips should improve your odds of making it to that lovely safe-room. Oh and check back here often for more free Left 4 Dead tips, strategies tactics and the like.

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