Realism Expert Solo! NO BOTS, ALL Left4Dead 2 & The Passing

Left 4 Dead 2 Completed on Realism Expert Solo

In what is almost certainly a world's first, YouTube user, Titonsabullsteam has done what nearly everyone, including myself deemed impossible. To complete all of Valve's Left 4 Dead 2 content on Realism Expert Solo.

What makes this especially significant is the fact that when I say "solo" I literally mean it. At the start of each run, Tits kicks all the bots that make up the 4 players designed to be on your team. 1 man Vs Hell.

Left 4 Dead 2 is designed to be a 4 player game, and as such, playing alone without bots increases the difficulty exponentially, well beyond 4x... but no sir, that isn't enough... Tits also does the entire game on Realism Expert increasing the difficulty beyond what most 4 player teams can even accomplish.

Tits faces this all alone and with style, his runs are nothing short of beautiful and sometimes I wonder how anyone could pull off the sheer insanity of finishing these levels AND FINALES on Realism Expert Solo.

His journey through Left 4 Dead 2 has been nothing short of incredible. His final run was through a finale map called "Port". In this map you need to collect 16 gas cans from around the level to fill a gas generator that will lower a bridge to allow the survivors to escape. This map is by far the hardest in L4D2 to solo, as collecting 16 cans takes much longer alone, and as everyone knows time is definitely not on your side in the L4D series. 

Titsonabullsteam plans on retiring from Left 4 Dead 2 but did mention that there could be a few more runs through L4D2 in the future from him. His plan is to stick with Valve created content (DLC) minus the original Left 4 Dead content that's been done to death before. While Cold Stream was DLC released by Valve, it was not developed by Valve so it does not meet the criteria. Here's a quote from Titsonabullsteam below and a link to his YouTube channel.

Realism Expert Solo! NO BOTS, ALL Left4Dead 2 & The Passing

Maps were done one at a time, and for SOME (not all) I collected items from earlier maps with bots. But in some maps I just grabbed items in the safe room before starting the demo. Going forward, I will not do this. In Port, I start with nothing, since I had nothing coming out of Underground. In Port, I decided not to kick Zoey and company. They are part of the map, like gun turrets, and their support is nothing like a full bot, although invaluable. They are NPCs, not bots, and the map is over-compensated for them. Port is the hardest map to solo even with its NPCs which are part of the map. I say this after soloing ALL Left4Dead 2 maps in the game: Port was the worst.

Why is the playback a bit laggy? Because I played on a local Realism server and L4D2 has trouble playing that demo back smoothly. Using /realism at the console may make a demo that plays back smoother, but I heard you have to trick the playback to look like realism, so I wonder if it really is realism (tougher CI, fewer items) or just minus the outlines. Realism server demo plays back looking like realism, period.

Hope you enjoy the show! - Titsonabullsteam

Realism Expert Solo Left 4 Dead 2 Complete

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