How to jump off walls as a hunter


In Left 4 Dead, the hunter has a very powerful move that allows him to leap from wall to wall. This movie is known throughout the Left 4 Dead game community as wall-leaping or wall-jumping.

Wall-jumping is a very straight-forward move, but for whatever reason many new players have a hard time learning how to execute the jump.

In just 4 simple steps I will try to teach you the basics of this jump and I know that within minutes of reading this Left 4 Dead hunter article, you'll even make Spiderman look slow and uncoordinated by comparison.

How to jump off walls as a hunter in Left 4 Dead

  1. Press and hold down the crouch key to activate "pounce" mode.
  2. While remaining in "pounce" mode, jump towards the wall you'd like to leap off of.
  3. Immediately when you get to the wall, use your mouse(or joypad) to flip 180 degrees and aim at the next wall to jump to and pounce again.
  4. Rinse and repeat as many times as you can

As a hunter, a huge advantage gained from wall leaping is any potential psychological effect it may have on the survivors. The hunter's scream in Left 4 Dead is quite intimidating and can be an effective way to strike thoughts of fear and paranoia into less experienced survivors.

By taking advantage of this fear by setting up coordinated attacks you'll maximize your chances of stopping the survivors from well... surviving.

Another huge advantage that hunters gain from jumping wall to wall is the ability to scale heights extremely quick. This is beneficial because in order to do maximum pounce damage on a survivor (~25 damage or 1/4 of their life), you'll need to land a pounce on a survivor from very high up.

Good hunters know that they can also land maximum pounce damage by leaping wall to wall as many consecutive times as possible before falling on a survivor. Left 4 Dead's calculates pounce damage based upon the distance you traveled without stopping or touching the ground. This means that as long as you haven't touched the ground in a certain amount of consecutive wall jumps, you can potentially deal the same amount of damage to a survivor as you'd deal from higher location such as a rooftop.

I may add a video here soon to help people visualize the move, as I said before, it's really quite easy. Make sure to check out these basic Left 4 Dead tips if you haven't already.

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