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Left 4 Dead Achievement Guide


Welcome to Section 2, where we will cover human accumulative achievement unlocks for Left 4 Dead. We will cover the easy way, for the carefree gamer; the hard way, for the gamers that have to do everything the difficult way; and the fun way, for the normal (hah) gamers.

Since achievements are the perfect addition to any game for all the OCD gamers out there, as I know, it's hard to move on to a new game until one is beat. I mean fully beat, 100% no messing around beat. Because, as we all know, no game is actually beat until 100% of everything has been played, seen, and unlocked. Right? This guide is here to help you on your way to satisfying that nagging sense of incompleteness that tugs at your nerves every time you boot up the game.

So, here we go!

Brain Salad AchievementBRAIN SALAD
Make 100 headshot kills.


The easy way: If you have ever played an FPS online before, you will have this unlock before you shut down the game for the first time. If you have problems with headshots, all you really need to do is train yourself to wait for the zombies to get closer before shooting; instead of shooting wildly, aim, and pop off two quick shots at the head. If you're really bad at this, you'll want to save that for times when there is not a mob on you... of course.

The hard way: Erm. There really is nothing tough about this unlock. It's quite frankly unavoidable.

The fun way: Shoot off 100 zombie heads? There's really no way to make that any more fun than it already is.

Pyrotechnician AchievementPYROTECHNICIAN
Blow up 20 Infected in a single explosion.


The easy way: Another very easy achievement. Simply toss a pipe bomb towards a large mob of zombies. If you really find yourself just unable to encounter a 'gigantic' 20 undead mob, set off a car alarm. But really, you'll most likely get this the first time you play the game.

The hard way: Avoid pipe bombs. Try getting it using a propane tank or canister. Just like your favorite zombie movie.

The fun way: Again... gibbing 20 slavering undead is satisfying enough. Unless of course you were to play on expert, able to trigger a mob event in an already infested area, and set off a car alarm at the same time, you could get a real maniacal thrill going for the real overkill of the achievement. Actually, that would be damn fun. The hell with 20. Can you get 50? More?!

101 Cremations Achievement101 CREMATIONS
Set 101 Infected on fire.


The easy way: This one will add up pretty fast. All you need to do is wait for one of the mob events and/or set off a car alarm. Lay down a Molotov right by a zombie entrance location. Preferably with a second easily obtainable Molotov nearby to toss at a second location. Most likely though, this will just add up over a campaign or two. If you just can't wait though, start a campaign on No Mercy on the finale map, flip the radio, and go Molotov happy in the areas around you whenever a mob rolls in.

The hard way: There's nothing miraculously hard about setting undead on fire. Really. Unless you wanted to do some sort of fancy gas can acrobatic matrix sh*t.

The fun way: If you can think of some way to make setting undead on fire any more fun than it already is, be sure to let us know. 😀

Pharm-assist AchievementPHARM-ASSIST
Give pain pills to 10 Survivors.
Field Medic AchievementFIELD MEDIC
Heal 25 Survivors with a first aid kit.


The easy way: This is another one you will unlock rather quickly. If you wanna hack it, just hog all the pain pills and medkits. Then give the pills away every time and selflessly use your medkits on your teamies. If you want to reaaaally hack it, shoot your CPU teamies, then heal them. Repeat every chance.

The hard way: Try achieving this one only on expert mode, although that's still not exactly a taxing way to obtain this achievement. It's pretty damn simple. Just be a good teammate (as you should already be!).

The fun way: Play the game. Don't be selfish. Cover your friend's backs! Remember, that's why the game's fun in the first place!

My Bodyguard AchievementMY BODYGUARD
Protect any Survivor from an attacking Infected 50 times.
No Smoking Section AchievementNO SMOKING SECTION
Kill 10 Smokers as they are pulling helpless Survivors.


The easy way: Easy as pointing a gun and squeezing the trigger. There will be more than enough opportunities throughout a couple campaigns to earn these two. If you want to get them fast, be a bad bad human and allow your teammates to get under attack by undead (or strung up like Christmas lights) then move in to 'save' them.

The hard way: Oddly enough, probably just playing on easy will make this difficult. Low numbers of enemies with low hit-points. Play with NPCs and their keen sense of special infected sniping will really be the only way to make this hard. Sadly though, there's nothing fun about trying to find a hard way to earn these guys. They're giveaways, just take 'em.

The fun way: Pug it. Less sense of coordination and teamwork, combined with a difficult skill setting will present you with plenty of opportunities to tally these up quickly, and have a hilarious blast at the same time.

Helping Hand AchievementHELPING HAND
Revive 50 incapacitated Survivors.


The easy way: Play alone with NPCs on expert difficulty. Grab the shotgun. Blast them all to the ground. Help them all up. Repeat.

The hard way: Helping people up is not exactly the most difficult thing to do in the game. The opportunities to do this are plenty, and if you want to go all hardcore about it, keep yourself on expert and really earn those revivals.

The fun way: Play on expert. Play with friends. For the love of God, you better not let them down!

Red Mist AchievementRED MIST
Kill 1000 Infected with a mounted machine gun.


The easy way: Everytime you play through a campaign, be the guy that gets to the machine gun. Get your teammates to cover your ass while you do so. Hold down fire. The harder the difficulty, the more opportunities to get that number higher and higher. Play campaigns at a comfortable difficulty, and perforate some zombies.

The hard way: Play in pugs where everyone wants to cram up in a corner or tight space, or glitch around the horde events where you have a chance to machine gun the bastards. Good luck getting any kills, 'cause they'll most likely not bother covering your back if you decide to stray off into an area where you might get hit!

The fun way: Play with your friends, and be sure to let them know that you're going for the achievement. Get them to cover your ass and leave most of the killing up to the big gun in yours hands. Again, play on expert or an equally difficult setting on par with (or hell, surpassing!) your skill.

Zombie Genocidest AchievementZOMBIE GENOCIDEST
Kill 53,595 Infected.


The easy way: This is an unlock over time. While you work on getting the other achievements, this will slowly go up itself. Easy way? Be the only skilled player on a full team that is incapable of headshotting, then shoot the fish in a barrel. Likewise, play only on finale maps on expert skill, or set off every car alarm you come across. In any instance, just be patient. It will come.

The hard way: Either play on easy as there's a severe lack of zombie activity *yawn*, or play on expert and earn your kills. Achieve, and brag.

The fun way: Kill 53,595 infected. Seriously, if that isn't fun enough for you, you are playing the wrong game. Go buy Barbie Dreamland or Mary-Kate and Ashley Ride Horses.

If you want to compare your achievement list with the rest of the Steam community and to see the percentage of steam users that have each individual achievement unlocked, visit this link.


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