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Left 4 Dead Achievement Guide

Welcome to Section 1, where we will cover campaign specific achievement unlocks for Left 4 Dead. We will cover the easy way, for the carefree gamer; the hard way, for the gamers that have to do everything the difficult way; and the fun way, for the normal (hah) gamers.

Since achievements are the perfect addition to any game for all the OCD gamers out there, as I know, it's hard to move on to a new game until one is beat. I mean fully beat, 100% no messing around beat. Because, as we all know, no game is actually beat until 100% of everything has been played, seen, and unlocked. Right? This guide is here to help you on your way to satisfying that nagging sense of incompleteness that tugs at your nerves every time you boot up the game.

So, here we go!


Double Jump AchievementDOUBLE JUMP
Pounce two different Survivors on one life as a Hunter
Chain Smoker AchievementCHAIN SMOKER
Constrict two Survivors on one life as a Smoker.

The easy way: These can be easily achieved playing with friends who are on board with letting you pounce or constrict them.

The hard way: Earning them legit. A set of skilled players won't let you get a second chance to pounce or tongue. Given the long reboot time of the Smoker's tongue attack, it can be especially difficult to keep yourself alive if you're constricting a survivor relatively close to you.

The fun way: Wait for the survivor's to get Boomed on. Pounce! Most groups will shuffle and panic, but odds are you will eventually got knocked off. When you do, quickly pounce on to any of the other survivors (of course preferring to get the guy that just whonked you). As a Smoker, constricting someone from a rooftop or any beneficial height difference (eg dragging someone off a ledge and having a truck in between you and the choking survivor) will give you a good distance to retreat when the connection is severed. Keep your distance while your tongue attack reboots, then pluck another. Easy and fun!


Big Drag AchievementBIG DRAG
Drag a Survivor 100 feet with your tongue as a Smoker.

The easy way: Again, playing with friends who have no problem letting you slurp them is an easy way to unlock this. Even in a legit versus match, all you need to do is pluck a survivor from a fair distance and reel him in.

The hard way: Aim for the longest distance your tongue can reach!

The fun way: Attempt a full distance licking combined with a sadistic Cirque du Soleil like presentation... I'm talking down a ledge, around the post and over an overhang. Something you could screenshot and frame on your wall.


Barf Bagged AchievementBARF BAGGED
Cover four Survivors with Boomer bile at once.

The easy way: Hack it with friends (pfft. boring). Or, wait for a good opportunity. These would include any horde moments, a Tank encounter, attempting to revive a fallen teammate(s), having hunters and/or a smoker constricting a number of the survivors. Waiting to spawn at the right time is imperative. Wait for the moment, and continually keep yourself in the optimal spawn spot for their current position (around the corner, or on the roof above them while they're outside). Once the opportunity presents itself, spawn in and get right in there making sure that you are close enough for your projectile to be able to hit the furthest away survivor. Vomit while making sure each human gets his or her fair coating.

The hard way: Nothing hard about it. You'll eventually get it just by getting lucky. The only way to make this even remotely tilting the scale towards hard would be to try and keep yourself from getting blowed up afterwards!

The fun way: Waiting for not only the most opportune time, but the most horrific. A Tank or Witch mixed with a horde encounter. Watch the panic that ensues. Orchestrating good teamwork with your fellow undead will also make ruining the survivor's fun all that much more fun for you!


All 4 Dead AchievementAll 4 Dead
Kill all four Survivors on one life as a Tank.

The easy way: There is nothing fun about doing this the easy (read: hack) way. Seriously, this is one of the achievements that you really just have to earn, it's too damn fun. If you have to hack it with your buddies you would have to really question your reasons for buying the game in the first place.

The hard way: Trying to get this against a skilled team of survivors... who do indeed have Molotov's and auto shotguns.

The fun way: Punching survivors off the rooftop in the finale of No Mercy is probably the most fun thing in the game. Hands down. Even on other levels, throwing chunks of wall, cars, and debris at players while also beating the absolute snot out of them is quite giggle inducing.


Dead Wreckening AchievementDEAD WRECKENING
Dole out 5000 total Survivor damage as a Special Infected.

The easy way, the hard way, & the fun way: You'll unlock this in no time with enough versus matches. As long as you got the skill to match the timeframe you want to unlock it in. Getting some good Tank spawns in there will definitely help make this tally up quickly too, so make them count. If you are having trouble getting good damage in there, communicate with your teammates and wait patiently for the opportune moments to attack. Charging in every spawn just to get killed after doing one attack (if you even get to attack that is) is a waste of time and also frustrating for you and your teammates. Work together, make your Booms count, Smoke the stragglers and keep your distance, and pounce when it gets hairy or when they are separated. Be patient, 5000 is a decently large number.


Lamb 2 Slaughter AchievementLAMB 2 SLAUGHTER
As an Infected, incap a Survivor who has entered and left a safe room.

The easy way: This is currently the least unlocked achievement. For good reason. The hack easy way would be to make this scenario available by playing with friends and collaborating to play it out. Take turns entering the safe room then exit only to be killed by your buddy on the infected team. Switch roles, re do.

The hard way: Earning this in a standard versus match. Watch for a survivor to enter the safe room only to leave again because either a) he's really far ahead and wants to meet up with his team again or b) wants to be a hero and help an incapped teammate. Either way, waiting in spawn mode when you see these opportunities and intercepting at the right time is hard enough to pull off, as is running in to one of these scenarios in the first place.

The fun way: Earning this legit-like. This isn't an achievement. It's a gold freaking trophy. Anyone who's watched a zombie movie knows, you don't go back to be a hero. Show the survivors why that is. 😀


Outbreak AchievementOUTBREAK
Catch a rare strain of infection, then pass it on to someone else.

The easy way, the hard way, & the fun way: Simply put, you have to be in versus mode and get vomitted on by someone who already has the Outbreak unlock. Once they have done so, you have to vomit (as a Boomer of course) on someone else to give them the infection. This will give you the Outbreak unlock. It's quite simple and just a matter of odds and luck until you get it.

If you want to compare your achievement list with the rest of the Steam community and to see the percentage of steam users that have each individual achievement unlocked, visit this link.

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