Left 4 Dead Demo

Left 4 Dead Demo

If you're searching for it, then I'm sorry to announce that I have bad news for you.. currently there isn't a Left 4 Dead demo available. There was a L4D game demo back in November prior to Left 4 Dead's release date but Valve canned it shortly before l4d was released, probably anticipating more game sales.

Well, now that Left 4 Dead's been our for a few months and the all dust has settled, I really think they should think about re-releasing the Left 4 Dead game demo.

I'm confident that by dong so, in the end Valve would sell more copies of Left 4 Dead. This game is fun, so fun that everyone I've shown the game to has basically ran out the door to buy it shortly thereafter.

Unfortunately for those without a copy, it's a really difficult game to find! In fact, it's nearly sold for out everyone. I would know, I literally had to drive around to at least 10 stores searching for a single copy and then again for my brother who was dying to play a game of Left 4 Dead.

Until Valve re-released the Left 4 Dead demo out to the public, in the meantime all you poor "left for dead"-less gamers can enjoy this zombie flash game instead.


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