Left 4 Dead DLC Preview

Left 4 Dead DLC Preview

Valve's finally giving us a preview of the many things to come in the Left 4 Dead DLC (downloadable content) update. This patch will be released sometime in March or April 2009 so expect it soon.

Quick highlights of Left 4 Dead DLC patch

  • Versus mode has been added to Dead Air and Death Toll campaigns
  • A brand new game mode entitled "Survival Mode".
    • In this mode you and three other players are pitted against an unlimited, never ending legion of zombies with one goal in mind, survive as long as possible. 16 new maps are included, 15 of which are based off the original campaigns. The one new level takes place at a lighthouse where you battle and try to hold up as long as possible.
  • The release of the SDK
    • In addition to plenty of bug-fixes, this patch will also include the SDK, enabling the Left 4 Dead community to create user-made maps.

As Valve promised before, this new content will be absolutely free for both PC and Xbox360 users. Make sure to check out the entire article from the good people at IGN.

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