Left 4 Dead Strategy

Left 4 Dead Strategy

Well we've done it. NLG (formerly FPSGOD) has expanded to cover Valve's brand new zombie game, Left 4 Dead. Expect in the coming days to get an in depth look at Left 4 Dead strategy, guides and tips from some of the best professional gamers from around the world. Also don't forget to grab my Left 4 Dead FPS config if you are having performance issues or want a little edge over all those zombies trying to eat your brain. If you're new to the site, be sure to check out our game tweaks section as a great place to do a pc tune up and optimize your system.

L4D Strategy

Don't forget that the main purpose of NLG is to provide you with in depth guides and game strategy, so us covering L4D strategy is no different. Check back here often, contribute any Left 4 Dead strategy that you come across to help the entire community improve their teamwork skills in Left 4 Dead by reading a Left 4 Dead strategy guide.

Left 4 Dead Overview

left 4 dead pcLeft 4 Dead caters to zombie fans that prefer "28 Days Later" style zombies; they literally run at you at high speed. Many traditional zombie fans may find this in biting contrast to "George Romero's" original genre-defining, slow moving zombies as found in movies like "Night of the Living Dead". While this may upset hardcore zombie fans, the fast moving zombie formula seems to work well, especially in a multiplayer survival FPS as fast paced as this one.

Left  4 Dead's unique game-play pits players against a  computer controlled "director" or mastermind that sets up and plans everything from when the zombies attack, to where the randomly placed items such as weapons and health with be found as well as dictating how hard the difficulty of each encounter will be based upon the players health levels. Valve was also kind enough to include a versus mode which allows players to play as the "boss infected".  These super zombies have abilities far beyond a regular zombie, which creates for diverse game-play beyond most other zombie shooters so you'll need to utilize Left 4 Dead strategy to survive.

Like I mentioned earlier, the staff here at NLG (formerly FPSGOD), thought that Left 4 Dead would be a great first addition to our FPS strategy site, and you can expect a ton of Left 4 Dead strategy guides and tips soon. Make sure to check back often or you'll surely be left for dead without strategy of course.

Left 4 Dead Review

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