New OLD Left 4 Dead Engine

EricRuthGames from Youtube has posted a comical, yet serious video demonstrating his new "Left 4 Dead" engine which seems to date back to something found in the very early 90's. He claims that the game shown in the video is an actual video game he is developing which he expects to release on the PC sometime in the new year, around January 4th 2010.

This game play footage gives you an idea of what the project looks like in action and how it plays. As you can see, it's a standard top-down 4 directional action/shooter. Remade in the NES retro style, the resolution is at 256 x 240 and features 16 colors and a 4 sound channel soundtrack.

Looks pretty fun to me! I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled, who doesn't love a little retro-style, NES action? Ahh memories.


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