STO: Infected Walkthrough

STO Infected Walkthrough

Part 1: Stop the Flow

This part of the mission is fairly straightforward. Once you have compiled a group of 5 players have everyone meet up outside the "Sibiran system" located in the Gamma Orionis Sector  Block.

The First part of this mission, Stop the Flow is entirely space based and is quite straight forward.

You'll see a warp-gate guarded by a bunch of Borg spheres.

The process is this: kill the Borg spheres and the forcefield that is surrounding the warpgate will temporarily drop allowing all 5 players to momentarily attack it.

You will on average only get around  5-20% damage off of the warpgate per round. The amount of damage you inflict is extremely dependent on the skill of your team and the gear they're using (ie. epic ship weapons). It may take many more rounds with a group of undergeared players.

After attacking the warpgate and doing "x" amount of damage, the forcefield will be restored on the warpgate and more Borg spheres will warp in. You will need to repeat this process, kill the speheres and attack the warpgate until the warpgate is destroyed.

One thing to remember is when the warpgate is around roughly 60% health, Borg cubes will begin to spawn in as well as the spheres. Try to take out the cubes first as they are much more damaging than the spheres.

When the "Tactical Cube" spawns, have everyone DPS it immediately to take it down as soon as possible as one of the mission objectives is to destroy the "Tactical cube".

Part 2: Fact or Fiction

Just as in part 1, the premise of this mission is pretty simple. After beaming to the Starbase you will find that it has been overrun by the Borg. Each room will need to be cleared slowly and carefully with your team. The most important thing to remember is that you will need to immediately focus fire on any "Interlink Distribution Nodes" you come across before killing ANY Borg in a given room. If you do not disable the nodes first, the Borg will be completely invincible and will come back to life. Try to avoid using AOE (area of effect, hitting multiple targets) attacks as focus firing with your team will be much faster and efficient in taking down the Borg. Eventually you will get to the Captain, which with hit and run attacks, can be downed quite easily by a average geared team.

Part 3: Deeper into the Mystery

Assuming you've completed the first 2 parts of the mission and are now on part 3 ,you're at least 1-2 hours into the overall Infected mission and you may have experienced members of your group quitting.

It is important make sure you have a group of 5 relatively skilled players (who follow orders) and meet up outside the Sibiran system in the Gamma Orionis Sector Block. Once arriving there an option should popup "Continue Mission: Deeper into the Mystery". So when you hit continune, you and your team will beam down to the section of the Borg base to the part immediately after killing the Captain.

Now you have about 4 rooms to go through to get to the forcefield(last room) area. Instead of fighting all the Borg and wasting at least 15 minutes killing them, you can just run right by them. It helps if you have anti-cc (crowd control) or a root breaker. Once there you will be overwhelmed, but it won't matter as you'll have made it to the final respawn point so after your entire team wipes, you can simply respawn when all the Borg are gone.

Do not enter the final room without your entire team or your team members will be locked out and you'll be forced to kill yourself to respawn outside. The final room (square) consists of 5 main platforms, 1 in each corner and in 1 in the center of the map all of which are floating above deadly plasma.

Each far corner has 3 access terminals that will need to be accessed in unison to deactivate a pillar (maintenance terminal) surrounded by a forcefield so that you can upload a virus. Once all 4 viruses have been uploaded, and if within the time limit (progress bars above each pillar once virus uploaded) the shield generator in the center of the map will have it's forcefield lowered and your team can destroy it. Keep in mind each platform will have respawning borg on it as well. Once your team destroys the shield generator, the borg queen will come flying at your team and the boss fight will begin.

Infected Final Room

The basic strategy that worked for my team was this: 2 people defending center of map, mid. Their role is to distract the borg while the rest of your team is busy lowering forcefields. 3 people will be 'the jumpers'. These people will need to jump platform to platform. The best way to accomplish this is for the jumpers to circle around the room in a "Counter-clockwise" rotation stopping at each pillar to activate the 3 consoles (in unison) to lower the forcefields surrounding the pillars; Doing so will allow them to upload the virus to each pillar.

It's best to assign someone as the "Lead jumper" who does a '3-2-1' countdown in chat so people activate the consoles in unison. Jumpers should avoid fighting the Borg at nearly all costs and let the people positioned in the middle deal with them.

The one exception is if the jumpers see any Borg that are fairly close to the edge of the platform they are on, they can execute a simple knockback attack that will throw the Borg into the lethal plasma below.

After all 4 pillars have had the virus uploaded, 2 jumpers will  need to stay in the lower left corner avoiding the plasma vents on the wall (they blow open and will kill you instantly when boss arrives) and help dps (do damage) the shield generator and then the boss. The other jumper will join the other 2 people who have been assigned to the middle to dps the boss. Make sure to bring Hypo's, Shield regenerators and any buffs you can to help maximize your ability to stay alive. After a few tries, you should have no problem downing the boss assuming your team is decently geared for this instance.


Note: STO will save your progress depending on how far you've made into this mission. So say you make it to Part 3: Deeper into the Mystery, you'll get an option to "Continue Mission: Deeper into the Mystery".

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