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Star Trek Online

STO: Infected Walkthrough

STO Infected Walkthrough Part 1: Stop the Flow This part of the mission is fairly straightforward. Once you have compiled a group of 5 players have everyone meet up outside the “Sibiran system” located in the Gamma Orionis Sector  Block. The First part of this mission, Stop the Flow is entirely space based and is […] more
Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online Season 2 Preview

A preview the upcoming patch for Star Trek Online: Season 2 Ancient Enemies. more
Star Trek Online

STO First Impressions Gameplay Video Review

STO First Impressions Gameplay Video Review I was running through Star Trek Online last night and decided to make a quick first impression video of the latest MMO by Cryptic Studios, STO. I cover the first 10 minutes of gameplay, try to show off some of the basic features in Star Trek Online and show […] more

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