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Casual Games

The Human Centipede: The Game

The 1980’s hit Atari game is back   Sort of. As disturbing as it is, it appears some people were inspired by the new movie that is eye-brow-raisingly titled: “The Human Centipede (The First Segment)”. If you haven’t seen it, well, let me get you warmed up on what you’re in for. Severed ligaments in […] more

Portal Free on Steam until May 24th 2010!

Wow this deal is just way too good to pass up. To celebrate the release of Steam on Mac, Valve has decided to release the hit game Portal for free in the Steam Store from now until May 24th 2010.   If for some odd reason you don’t already own The Orange Box, now’s your […] more
Warhammer Online

Play Warhammer Online Free… Forever!

You can now play the Warhammer Online for free – forever! That’s right, EA has thrown away the 10-day trial and allows you to roam the world for free for as long as you like. Free. Forever! Play 24 careers to rank 10 Conqueror Tier 1 Empire vs Chaos Survive the new Hunter’s Vale dungeon […] more

Download CS Non Steam

“CS Download Non Steam – DOWNLOAD FULL HERE”… a rant on software piracy. more
Windows Tweaks

Scan and cleanup your registry

Cleanup your Windows Registry and learn how to defrag it for maximum PC performance. more