Play Warhammer Online Free… Forever!

You can now play the Warhammer Online for free - forever! That's right, EA has thrown away the 10-day trial and allows you to roam the world for free for as long as you like.

  • Free. Forever!
  • Play 24 careers to rank 10
  • Conqueror Tier 1 Empire vs Chaos
  • Survive the new Hunter's Vale dungeon
  • Smite your foes in Realm vs Realm combat!
  • Streaming Client makes downloading painless!


Players can explore Empire vs Chaos Tier One, and the newly added tier one dungeon, Hunter's Vale, or battle other players in the instanced scenarios Nordenwatch, Khaine's Embrace and Gates of Ekrund.

In addition, Endless Free Trial players will embark on the recently introduced New User Journey. Features include enhanced tutorials and new community elements, such as a "new player" guild, - helping streamline the transition of new players into WAR and its vibrant community of players. Smiting your foes in Realm vs Realm combat has never been easier. For more information, check out our New Player Guide.

How To Play Warhammer Online Free

You can download Warhammer Online for free and get your unlimited trial account setup in minutes.

European Users:

Everyone Else:

Warhammer Online Guides

If you've already got a Warhammer Online account, or you'd just like to be the best trial player in the world, we recommend trying out these guides: Warhammer Elite Guide, Goblin Guide

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