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E3 – First look at Bethesda’s Doom(4)

For all those ‘Doomers’ disappointed that Doom was not shown to the public at last years E3, myself included, our wait is over. Tonight on the Eve of E3, Bethesda’s has unveiled DOOM footage in all it’s violent glory. If you’re a fan of Brutal Doom and Doom 3, you are going to be really excited. Several […] more

Realism Expert Solo! NO BOTS, ALL Left4Dead 2 & The Passing

Left 4 Dead 2 Completed on Realism Expert Solo In what is almost certainly a world’s first, YouTube user, Titonsabullsteam has done what nearly everyone, including myself deemed impossible. To complete all of Valve’s Left 4 Dead 2 content on Realism Expert Solo. What makes this especially significant is the fact that when I say […] more
Batman Arkham City

Over 10 Minutes of Gameplay from Batman: Arkham City

Call For a Stay of Execution Exciting news for all you Batnuts eagerly awaiting any and all snippets that get out involving the Caped Crusader. Good news as here we have over ten minutes of gameplay footage from the game showcasing the combat mechanics of Catwoman and Batman, in-game cutscenes, a secret trophy location, how […] more

Starcraft 2 Information

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is Blizzard Entertainment’s sequel to their extremely popular, award winning RTS (real time strategy) video game StarCraft. Set in the 26th century, the game takes place deep within the Milky way galaxy, roughly four years after the timeline of events found in the StarCraft: Broodwar expansion. As suspected, the game […] more
Star Trek Online

STO First Impressions Gameplay Video Review

STO First Impressions Gameplay Video Review I was running through Star Trek Online last night and decided to make a quick first impression video of the latest MMO by Cryptic Studios, STO. I cover the first 10 minutes of gameplay, try to show off some of the basic features in Star Trek Online and show […] more