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Dead Frontier Online 3D Released

3D Zombie MMO Fun Survival In case you’ve been hiding from the FBI and haven’t had time to keep up to date with your zombie gaming news, a heads up that Dead Frontier Online has released their 3D client. The game looks amazing from it’s 2D counterpart and is still a blast to play. If […] more

Tiger Woods Online, A New MMO

Tiger Woods MMO Well EA, you’ve done it again! Capitalizing on media propaganda and using it to spin sales and market your latest game.. Tiger Woods Online… That aside, I can’t really fault EA for marketing this game at this particular time… the height of the Tiger Woods sex scandal. In fact, it’s a brilliant […] more

STO First Impressions Gameplay Video Review

STO First Impressions Gameplay Video Review I was running through Star Trek Online last night and decided to make a quick first impression video of the latest MMO by Cryptic Studios, STO. I cover the first 10 minutes of gameplay, try to show off some of the basic features in Star Trek Online and show […] more

Leonard Nimoy joins Star Trek Online

Quite exciting news for Star Trek Online, Leonard Nimoy has signed on to do voice-overs for the character “Spock” in several key portions of the game. His younger counter-part will still be played by Zachary Quinto (young Spock from the new Star Trek Movie).When asked about his association with the new MMO, Nimoy said, “I’m […] more