Tiger Woods Online, A New MMO

Tiger Woods MMO

Well EA, you've done it again!

Capitalizing on media propaganda and using it to spin sales and market your latest game.. Tiger Woods Online...

That aside, I can't really fault EA for marketing this game at this particular time... the height of the Tiger Woods sex scandal.

In fact, it's a brilliant move by them, honestly.

So what's this game about? Well what caught my attention is the fact that it's a golf game.. and apparently a Mass Multiplayer Online Game or "MMO".

Another thing that caught my attention was the mention that this game would be free to play.. but it isn't. It's similar to a MMO in pricing, $9.99 per month or you can get a $59.99 yearly subscription. (prices may change, see the official site.)

Here are a few of the game's many features:

  • Pro Shop

    Players have access to a Pro Shop allowing them to customize their golfer’s apparel, gear and clubs. Items in the Pro Shop will positively affect the players’ in-game experience, allowing them to earn more in-game currency and experience with certain items and improve their performance with better clubs.

  • Group Tournaments

    Group tournaments will help players connect with golf buddies across the globe, as players will be able to challenge their friends in customized, private Group Tournaments.
  • Friend to Friend Messaging

    Leveraging the growing social aspect of golf,
    Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online allows players to connect with and message friends in the world’s fastest-growing online golf community.
  • World Championship Courses

    At launch, two new courses will be released for
    Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online – Harbour Town Golf Links and Oakmont CC®.

    Upon launch, the game will feature an initial roster of ten world-class golf courses.

    New courses will continue to be released in the future.


Either way, if you're big into golf games, I must admit, this game looks quite good but don't take my word for it, watch the trailer below!


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