Shadow of the Colossus: Lizard & Fruit Location Guide

Shadow of the Colossus:
Lizard & Fruit Guide


Easily one of my favorite games, now available in HD. In honor of Team Ico's release of the Ico/Shadow of the Colossus dual-pack NLG has put together three maps noting the locations of the White Tail Lizards, Fruits and Save Temples.

The HD PS3 version of the game also comes with a nice large assortment of trophies that will require you to do a little bit of hunting in the vast open world. This is more than just for trophy hunting though, as each tail or fruit you eat will help increase you health and stamina for future colossus battles.

Easy stuff first, there are 25 Save Temples throughout the game. While it isn't necessary to visit every one of them, people hunting for the "Tower of Prayer" silver PS3 trophy will have to save their game at each one.

Save TemplesShadow of the Colossus: Save Temple Locations Map

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Next up are the 128 pear-like Fruits you have to shoot down from trees and nom on. Each fruit you consume will add a small portion to your max health; with the natural boosts from beating colossi and these fruits your health bar will span the entire screen once finished. Players looking to get the "Cornucopia" gold PS3 trophy [Acquire all fruits in the world.] and the "Stalwart Wander" gold PS3 trophy [Max out HP bar.] will need to hunt down all of these juicy fruits.

Some fruit is hard to find once dropped from the tree, a good trick is to look for your arrow as it'll still be sticking out of it. Also, most notably in one location, once dropped some fruit falls in odd areas. For example, there are two fruits that once shot down will fall off a cliff and way down below causing a small adventure to claim them (or a good health bar if you can survive the jump!).

FruitsShadow of the Colossus: Fruit Locations Map

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Lastly the White Tail (or Shining) Lizards throughout the world. There are 77 in total and can be spotted by the fact that the tips of their tails are white (all other lizards in the game are just pure black). These can be shot with an arrow from a distance, slashed at with your sword, or if you want you can run them over with Agro.

Once dead simply walk up to and eat the tail tip, these will give you boosts to your max stamina. Players looking to achieve the "Endangered Lizards" gold PS3 trophy [Killed all shining lizards.] and the "Mighty Wander" gold PS3 trophy [Max out stamina bar.] will need to hunt down, kill, and eat the tails of all 77 lizards.

Some areas have more than one lizard and in case only one is spotted, simply kill, eat and leave the area. Come back in a bit and another lizard should be present.

Shining LizardsShadow of the Colossus: White Tail Lizards Locations Map

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That's all for now, happy hunting and enjoy one of the most original, beautiful and amazing games ever created!


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